Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere Open Chat, with Night’s Cast Livestream!


Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 1

Writer: Dave Hill

Director: David Nutter

Runtime: 54 minutes

Content Warnings: TV-MA: Adult Content, Adult Language, Nudity, Strong Sexual Content, Violence

Video Preview: Season 8 Official Trailer

Every Sunday night, we’ll be celebrating the new episode with a livestreaming podcast with the Night’s Cast! Join us now for live discussion of tonight’s premiere:

For those new to Watchers on the Wall or needing a refresher on the guidelines, here they are!

Please use spoiler coding when discussing ASOIAF book or filming spoilers- any material that has not aired or been discussed on Game of Thrones. Please do not post extensive spoilers in this Open Chat! Instructions on coding/showing/hiding spoilers are found at the top of the Comments section.

Spoiler coding is required in the Open Chat post prior to the episode official airing (9PM EDT tonight!). We ask that fans use consideration for your fellow viewers, and cover and label your spoilers appropriately. After the episode has aired, you don’t have to cover spoilers from the episode anymore!


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