Game of Thrones Makes Their Final Emmy Ballot Submissions!


I’m already bored to discuss it with you. You keep ignoring whatever I say and trying to distort my arguments.

You don’t look like someone who knows what foreshadowing means, so a little Wikipedia definition:

Foreshadowing is a literary device in which a writer gives an advance hint of what is to come later in the story..”

First rule of a freaking foreshadowing – make it relevant. And now, although Arya’s story truly fits the theme of God of Death, it doesn’t necessary mean that Arya should be the one to kill the Night King. I do understand, that her character being a faceless assassin with months/years of training and a dagger that her prophetic brother gave her in advance, is enough for you – I just let you know, that it’s not enough for me.

And yes, I am butt-hurt, since that was one of the most disappointing plot twists in Game of Thrones.

The eye prophecy is a retcon, albeit successful one?

then you clearly have no idea how to write a proper story, sorry man/madam, I don’t want to be rude, but it’s horrible what you say. The whole idea of a prophecy/foreshadowing is that it’s been set there for a reason – not to be retconned in the future just to fit a particular bit of story.

Then, you give me arguments from authority: In Deep Geek – and… why should I care what others say? I do say it was wrong. By the way, a great moment to insert Bertrand Russell’s quote “have no respect for the authority of others, for there are always contrary authorities to be found“. I say it for a reason – there are dozens of critics/ youtube channels that criticized this particular scene. So, why shoudn’t I agree with them? Lol.

Well, now about the King’s Landing stuff… and why would she inflitrate the city, tell Jon about the strategy, get with the Hound into the city, and have the scene from episode 5 repeated? Like, are you serious with what you are talking about? And after all, why should the ending include her reconnecting with humanity etc.?

I have a strong feeling, that you are one of those people, who look at the scene, watch the episode, and have a hard time to imagine a different course of events. Why shouldn’t she die? Maybe that would be satisfying too – if she reconnected with humanity by giving her life for family? Like, there are thousands of possibilities, but it seems like you have accepted only the one you got. Why should she go to the west of Westeros? Because it was “foreshadowed” in the 6th season? Honestly, before the season premiered, I was convinced, that Arya won’t survive this season. And I really enjoyed that thought.

About the Mary Sue – yes, for me it’s definitely exaggerated. So why should I care what people said? It’s true, Arya thematically suited her role, yet I disliked it for the reason I already presented for a thousand times. But I will repeat the most important one: just because you can freely connect a few dots since the season 1, it doesn’t mean Arya was destined to kill the Night King from the moment the first dot appears. In other words: foreshadowing is a tool used by writers to hint the action in advance, once THEY DECIDED IT TO HAPPEN. The peopbably didn’t even know, if they create the character of the Night King. So recalling season 1, as a foreshadowing of Arya’s heroism is a joke and misunderstanding the very idea of foreshadowing. And retconning is truly recognized as the worst tool to create the story, since instead of having an effort to create a proper hint, you just change the line and it’s done! The pophecy is real!

So, you emphasize that prophecies are just prohecies, and they do not matter, but when it comes to retocinning one, you fully accept it as a proper tool to make Arya a justified choice for the Night King’s killer. Wow. How convinient.

“He then saved everyone again when he killed Dany, making himself a Queenslayer & kinslayer in the process. What more do you want?”

What do I want? Fulfilling, deep, engaging story – thet is consistent throught the whole series, have no holes (at least the most obvious ones), that uses no plot armor for the main character to survive – but good script and problem-solving instead; that uses no deus ex machina like the last two season constantly do; that provide a proper psychological structure and relevant development for each character. That provide as much realism as it’s only possible, not forgetting that action takes place in medival fantasy world.

So, Dany loses her loyal advisor. We get a glimpse of common people giving her a discouraging sight. She has her best friend beheaded. She lost her dragon with 3-consecutive shots from scorpions that attached to the boats that are moving super-fast, and yet she dodges over 100 shots in both 4th and 5th episode, while flying on Drogon’s back – well, because nor her, neither the dragon can die. She also feels betrayed by her lover, that appears to be freaking retarded with telling the truth for, like no reason (ah, yes, he is loyal just like he’s father – who actually is not his father)? And then, also betrayed by the Master Mind to the season 5, who goes open rebellion against Dany, instead of working like he used to do – in the shadows. And yet, Varys is another victim of a bad writing – he HAD to be the plot device to move Dany to madness… because writers had no better idea to move her into that state.

To sum up, yeah, it’s quite a lot in 4 episodes happening to Daenerys. But it also crosses out her entire development through 6 seasons. And let me remind you, that she did EVERYTHING to free the slaves. To defeat the masters. So… why no to burn all these people? Okay, they are Lannisters? – nope, they are innoncent people she cared once for, emm, for like 6 seasons? She gave freedom to so many slaves, she killed the masters, she killed the harpies, she freed Dothraki (gave them free will), she freed Unsullied. And yet, when she can go purely for the Red Keep (which is absolutely justified), she decides to kill the people she had no reason to kill. If you really call it good writing, then, well wow, impressive.

So yeah, Jon is a saviour who killed the “Mad Queen”. Even though she is responsible for the death of those innocents – he was told not to trust Daenerys. He was told not to tell his family. I don’t know. Don’t you see it’s clearly dumb that Sansa tells tyrion right the next scene that Jon is the true heir? I know she has a purpose to fulfill, but damn God, that’s simply annoying to watch this bullshit.

And if you believe the realism to the maximum extent, then you should also accept Tyrion dying from the stroke, Bran dying from the pneumonia he got during his journey to the North, and Jaimie dying from falling off the horse. But that would be dumb, right? On the other hand, we can accept retconning, forced dot-connecting of some foreshadowing from season 1, and surpirse value over the good writing.

And to sum up – maybe I would even like Arya killing the Night King, if they gave it much more reason, somewhat of personal vendetta. More of Bran and Arya conversation. More clues hidden in smart dialogs. More explanation of why it is Catspaw that is destined to be the weapon that kills the Night King.

I rewatched the first 2 seasons. In first season, there is a scene, where they caught Tywin’s “soldier”, and they bring him to the tent, where Robb discusses his battle plans with other generals. And what does Theon do? Covers the map, so that the Lannister soldier can’t see it. What a little, genius act, that brings it to a whole different level. And in season 8, the dialogs that are considered genius are the ones, that include the most amount of call-back to previous seasons: “the things we do for love”; “the jackass and the honeycomb”; “love is the death of duty”… blah, blah, blah. There are little, to no meaningful dialogs that would push the story further. It’s filled with inconsitencies like Tormund saying that only a king or a madman can mount the dragon, even though he did it in season 7.

Jon: “we can’t defeat them in a straight fight” – episode 2.

*Dothraki charges* – episode 3

*Unsullied in front of the trenches* – episode 3

*Every meaningful character in the first rank* – episode 3

Yeah, i despise this season for butchering the story, even D&D themselves (at least sometimes), created. It seems like finishing such extensive, elaborate and creative story was way too hard task for these 2.

The very first problem was of a logistical nature – they couldn’t fit it in 7&6 episodes. From that point, it all started to lose sense. And yet they tried. And so they failed. Over.