New behind the scenes video with Beautiful Death artist Robert M. Ball; final poster revealed

(3) Courtesy of HBO

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the Beautiful Death illustration for “The Iron Throne,” wait no longer! Robert M. Ball’s last poster for Game of Thrones was unveiled today, and it is stunning. Along with the artwork, we have also been treated to a video of Ball sharing his creative process and an interview about his final contribution to the series.

In the video, Ball reveals the impact the Beautiful Death project has had on him, saying, “It’s been bigger than I expected. To put it mildly, it’s been quite overwhelming.” He goes on to explain how he gets the inspiration for each piece and his method for bringing it to fruition. Check it out below.

Over on the Making Game of Thronesblog, Ball discusses his poster for “The Iron Throne” and describes some of the details included in the piece. “The idea is the Iron Throne is sat on a kingdom of rubble, and that rubble is a mixture of swords, representing all the bloodshed it took to get here, plus a visual journey of Daenerys’ progression through all 8 seasons — if you follow the blood trail it will take you past certain important objects like Sons of Harpy masks, Dothraki camp, Viserys’ ‘crown’, broken chains and so on. The color scheme is very simple, but there’s a lot going on if you scrutinize the image.”

Ball wanted his final piece to not only represent the death of a major character, but also the overarching theme of the show itself. “Ultimately, it’s Dany’s death, but really the image is about how power corrupts all. It’s meant to be an encapsulation of the whole series.” Mission accomplished.

You can find all the Beautiful Death posters here.

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