WOTW Exclusive: Game of Thrones prequel ‘Bloodmoon’ official logo revealed!

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When we first heard of the title “Bloodmoon” for the Long Night-set Game of Thrones prequel, it was unknown whether it was just a production codename or the actual title for the show. George R.R. Martin has made it clear he’s partial to the straightforward “The Long Night,” but he later admitted it isn’t official. So, what’s the deal? Though HBO has not yet confirmed or denied either title, we can now offer you an exclusive look at the logo design the show’s production is using, which may put the title dispute to rest.

Before we take a look, I must note the logo is taken from a production sheet; it’s a simple version, not intended for public viewing. As it should go without saying, whenever we get the title and logo officially from HBO’s marketing, it should look more impressive.

Bloodmoon Production Sheet Logo

The iconography is intriguing. What first stands out is the titular “blood moon”, represented as the second “O” in “Blood”, with its reflection as the first “O” in “Moon”. Also, a spear separates the two words. As Game of Thrones fans, a piercing spear may make us think of House Martell’s sigil, but of course this story takes places thousands of years before their appearance becomes feasible — at least in the form we are acquainted with. No, what’s more likely is that the spear is a symbol of the show’s prehistoric setting, not unlike the mammoth sign we saw being used by production.

Now, does this definitively prove the prequel will be titled “Bloodmoon”? HBO hasn’t publicly used it (yet), so not technically, but it would seem strange for production to bother to create a custom logo for a mere codename, wouldn’t it?

Until we hear otherwise, we’re going to go with the notion that Jane Goldman’s prequel is titled “Bloodmoon.” Granted, it’s way too early to put the title in its proper context (remember how lame we all thought “The Door” was as a title, until we watched Hodor’s last stand?), but, knowing as little as we do now, what do you think of the title?