House Stark returns to Game of Thrones with new look & sigil in prequel filming!

Sansa Stark 806 Season 8 Queen in the North

After rehearsals, filming for Jane Goldman’s Game of Thrones prequel finally took place this afternoon at Gaeta, Italy. Though no new actors or characters were recognized, we did get to see Stark men thousands of years before we first met them in Game of Thrones, with a surprising new (or rather, old) look. That includes the iconic House Stark sigil, which has been redesigned to match the legendary era of the Age of Heroes and the Long Night during which the story is set. Take a look below the cut!

Soon after reporting on this morning’s reheasals, the ever-helpful GoTlikeLocation got a glimpse at actual filming this afternoon, in which we finally see the boat in all its glory, crewed by viking-looking ancient Starks, as evidenced by their direwolf banner:

Closer look at the boat and its crew, armed with sunscreen from the Age of Heroes, after the rehearsal on their way back to the port.

— GoTlike Locations (@GoTlikeLocation) July 14, 2019

Only shortly before sunset the prop boat came out of the grotto again to go back to the production’s second base in the port of Gaeta. This time the boat’s crew was in costume and the banner (which might be an early Stark one?) revealed.

— GoTlike Locations (@GoTlikeLocation) July 15, 2019

Though George R.R. Martin recently revealed House Stark would “definitely” appear in this new series, some differences are to be expected, considering it’s set thousands of years before Game of Thrones: we’ll see the Starks as kings again, but only of one petty kingdom among a hundred, so not quite as a Great House that rules the entire North.

This appears to be reflected on their appearance as well, as these Stark sailors and their ship look basically like Vikings. As for the Stark sigil on the banner (also seen on the boat’s relief carving), it’s evocative of the design to which we’re accostumed, but with a less sleek design, probably to highlight the ancientness of this pre-historic era:

To the left, the prequel's ancient Stark sigil; to the right, the well-known Game of Thrones design.

To the left, the prequel’s ancient Stark sigil; to the right, the well-known Game of Thrones design.

So, what do you think the Starks are up to here? Will they be as crucial to Blood Moon’s story as they were for the original show’s, or will they just be one faction among many? What do you think of their Viking-like appearance and the “new” (ancient) Stark sigil?


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