Preview the 2 Upcoming Game of Thrones Art Books on Concept Art and Photography!

These books certainly do look lovely. I’d like to get both, though they are pricey. I’d heard the storyboard book only goes up to season 7, so I’m glad that the Deborah Riley book looks like it goes to season 8, and hopefully the Helen Sloan book too.


If I may, I think a lot of that list is either answered in the show itself, or in the scripts, or can be deduced from watching the show.

The Ice Dragon: when undead Vision and Rhaegal fought, you see Rhaegal tear away some of Viserion’s jaw and damage his throat. I can’t remember if it was said in the script or in production notes, but the injury limited his ‘ice blast’.

Cersei and Jaime: well, their relationship is complicated, isn’t it? And they’re both facing imminent death, I think Cersei was more than willing to let go of her anger at Jaime given what was about to happen. She was terrified. For all her plotting, all her machinations, in the end she never stood a chance, and never did have a chance, against Dany’s dragon, like a force of nature. She should have listened to Jaime and Tyrion in season 7 when they told her this.

Tyrion finding Jaime and Cersei: it’s not really a plothole, more of a shortcut in the script so Tyrion could find them, otherwise we might have had a whole episode of him excavating the bowels of the Red Keep looking for them. Besides, he does have to dig a little bit, but I think the point of that scene was to confirm for the viewer that they were dead.

Dothraki: fair point, we’re not clear on their numbers. But we do see a lot of them run back after their charge, so some do survive, and in King’s Landing there clearly isn’t thousands of them anymore, so I’m happy to fudge the numbers on that.

Death of Rhaegal, and everyone forgetting about Euron: I don’t think they literally forgot about Euron, it was more about Daenerys’ overconfidence and underestimating Euron. So I can buy that she wasn’t looking for him – I mean, even if she thought his fleet might be there, she probably didn’t expect the ships all to be armed with Scorpions. But yes, it was a hell of a shot – well, three shots really – to kill Rhaegal like that. But we saw that once Daenerys was ready for them, even Euron’s fleet didn’t have a chance against Drogon.

Plot armour: well, certain characters (Jon especially) have had plot armour throughout the entire series, not just season 8. I don’t think it’s any different to any other show or movie where the hero is constantly under attack but managing to survive. But yes, certainly the way the episode was directed – the ferociousness of the wight’s attack – I’m surprised anyone on the front lines survived.

King’s Landing: I think the surroundings are different depending on which direction you approach the city from. At least that was the impression I got from the show over the years.

Bronn: it was the debt that Tyrion owed him, as Tyrion says in that final Small Council scene. Plus, as I understand it, in the histories of Westeros, many of the great houses were started by less than savoury people. And there’s still positions on the Small Council that need filling, so those other houses may fill them.

Yara: the final episode script mentions that Yara opts to vote for Bran because her brother died protecting him, and it’s what Theon would have wanted. Dunno about the new Prince of Dorne. And Jon did not want the throne. Everyone knew that, and there’s no way Greyworm would have let it happen anyway. So Jon was a non-starter. Too divisive.

Greyworm and Jon: I think this was explained in the episode, as Sansa points out, if they harm Jon then the Northern Army camped outside the city would attack the Unsullied. The Northern Army, Arya and Davos were in King’s Landing the whole time, there’s no way they would have allowed Jon to be killed. You can imagine a scenario where initially Greyworm doesn’t know Dany is dead until Jon owns up to it, by which time Jon is already back with his troops and Arya. Greyworm wants to kill him, Arya and the Northerners defend him, Jon agrees to surrender to diffuse the situation until a solution can be found. I don’t think we necessarily need to see that to know what happened – Sansa just saying the Northern Army is there to protect Jon is sufficient information.

The people of KL not wanting to kill Cersei: they were frightened of her, as Tyrion tells Dany. Besides, why would the people want vengeance for the destruction of the sept? That building was for the rich elites, not for the commoners.

I do think a lot of the supposed plot holes are explained in the show, but sometimes the explanations are nuanced. I really wish they’d release books of the scripts as well as the art, storyboards and photography – I do think the scripts would clear a lot of things up.


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