Watchers on the Wall Awards Season 8: Best Dramatic Scene – Preliminary Round

Mr Derp:

“If you think this has a happy ending you haven’t been paying attention”

Even though pretty much everyone had a happy ending except for Daenerys.

Everyone had a, dare I say it, “bittersweet” ending. Rambling below….

Tyrion has his dream job, and one that he will be good at. He’s basically the King in all but name, since I cannot see Bran being particularly active in running the six kingdoms. But he no longer has a family. Yes, he has Casterly Rock, and is the head of his House, but it is an empty castle full of memories. He betrayed his best friend and convinced Jon to kill the woman they both loved. He may “seem” happy, but is he? I think he is grateful to still be alive and to be working to build KL back up from the ashes.

Jon is where Tormund suggested he belonged–in the “true” north–with Ghost as his side. No more killing. No more being a King or Lord Commander. As KBtW he can work on rebuilding the Wildling culture and no one will know he is the last Targaryen. The line will die with him. Even if he fathers children, I’m not sure they would lose the coin toss. Rhaegar was gentle, Lyanna was gentle, and Jon (when allowed to be) is gentle–the odds are in his favor. But is he happy? Can he close his own eyes and not see the life draining out of Dany’s? Can he forget what witnessed in KL? Jon is still young, so there’s a chance the north will heal him.

Our fiery young ninja warrior is taking the voyage she told Lady Crane she’d like to take, but in some ways she has the most pain to heal from. From the time Syrio told her to run, she’s seen and committed far to much violence for a child/young woman. The only good thing that happened to her turned out to her meeting up with Sandor. Her captor became her companion, friend, and surrogate father. It was fitting that Sandor was the one to free her from fixation on revenge. She seemed happy on her ship, and knowing that her family (what was left of them) are all in good places. She’ll do fine.

So will Sansa. Due to how she was abused growing up by Cersei, Joffrey, LF, Lysa, and Ramsay, she is now forged steel. She told Sandor as much, and it showed in both small and large ways. She learned politics and learned (from someone…) how to manage a castle. She’s smart and determined and I have no doubt will be a good queen. Will she ever be happy? Right now she is content, so let’s check back in ten years.

Although he says he doesn’t feel or care anymore, Bran did show (for him) kindness to his family, including Theon. So he gets to be King, but it won’t make him either happy or unhappy–it’s just his new role in life.

Brienne being knighted and named Lord Commander of the King’s Guard would seem to be a happy outcome, but she lost Renly and, more importantly, Jaime on the road to success. But Brienne, like the rest of the survivors, is resilient. She might not ever find true happiness, but she will be proud and, someday, have her feats entered into the White Book. There are worse fates.

So no truly happy endings, but I’d have been shocked and disappointed if there had been. GoT wasn’t that kind of story.


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