Four New Additions for the Game of Thrones Spinoff!

Bloodmoon casting

The good thing about time passing, with the end of prequel filming (well, the firstGame of Thrones prequel spinoff, anyway!) is that after a while everyone chills out and starts to leak info again. And we love that here! Four more castings have popped up, giving us a little more info to tide us over for now. The new additions are….

Pictured above (clockwise):

  • LEAH GAYER – Gayer is relatively new to the professional world, but has a long CV at RADA, a respected drama school in the UK. What’s most interesting about this casting is that according to the actress’ agency resume, she’s playing the role of “Caera” on Bloodmoon. The “ae” letter combo gives us Valyrian vibes, but George R.R. Martin said last year that the prequel would take place in the distant Westeros past, before the rise of Valyria, effectively taking them off the table. So the name may be a misleading choice or a placeholder.
  • JASPER BRITTON – According to Britton’s agency resume, he’ll be playing the role of “House Master Cole” on Bloodmoon. That title is a rather vague one, house master. Is it possible that “master” is a misspelling of “maester”? In the speculation game, sure why not! Maesters could have existed in prequel time- it’s unclear, in the history of Westeros. Even the specific name is up for speculation- is “Cole” his first or last? There is a famous house in Westeros named “Cole.” The new show may have simply borrowed it.
  • GEORGINA BEEDLE – Beedle’s agency resume lists her as appearing in the “Untitled Game of Thrones Prequel” with no role specified, unfortunately. But it’s always nice to add another name to the roster. Welcome to the cast!
  • JACQUELINE BOATSWAIN – According to Boatswain’s agency resume, she has a part in the “Untitled Game of Thrones prequel”. Her role is not included but we can do a little speculating based on casting notices leaked last year. We received a notice regarding a part labeled “S2” describing a series regular role for a black woman, aged 45 to 60. Boatswain might be the winner here. She’s in the right age bracket, and she’s a very experienced actress with regular TV stints on Shameless, Wolfblood, Hollyoaks, Grange Hill, and more.

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