Watchers on the Wall Awards Season 8: Best Visual Effects Scene – Preliminary Round


Game of Thrones has always knocked it out of the park when it comes to visual effects. The show added another Emmy this year to its staggering collection for their Special Visual Effects work in “The Bells”, but could’ve just as easily won the award for any other episode in season 8, as packed as this year was with eye-popping visuals. That’s what will make this category a challenge to vote in, with so many worthy potential nominees. Best Visual Effects Scene: the scene that you think best demonstrated the show’s effects this year.

In this initial prelims stage, we need your help narrowing the list down to a top 5! Select your favorite 5 scenes from the poll at the bottom of the post. To make your voting easier, we’ve embedded all the scenes nominated by our readers below. Have fun reliving some of the most incredible moments of season 8, and vote!

Jon’s first dragon flight

The Clegane Brothers fight to the death as King’s Landing burns

Arya hunts wights in the Winterfell library

Daenerys and Drogon lay waste to King’s Landing with dragonfire

Jon and Daenerys take on the Night King by moonlight, with their dragons

Drogon sleeping in the snow

Winterfell falls apart as Viserion and the dead attack

Drogon destroys the Iron Throne and carries away Dany’s body

The Dothraki charge the army of the dead

Daenerys and Drogon destroy the Iron Fleet, the Golden Company, and the gates of King’s Landing

The Night King, white walkers and Viserion shatter and explode

Daenerys make a speech to her legions, and spreads her wings

The dead rise at the Battle of Winterfell

Daenerys saves Jon, and Drogon is swarmed by wights

Daenerys tries to burn the Night King with dragonfire

Smoke and flame rise as Drogon makes runs on the wights with Sansa and Arya watching from the walls

Please choose your five favorites from the preliminary poll. The ground rules: Select up to FIVE nominees from the poll. You can choose fewer if you like, but you can’t choose more than 5. (Visit the initial WotW Awards post for a complete explanation of the rules and process.)

At the end of one week (Monday 10/21/19 at 12PM Eastern Time), whichever five scenes have the most votes will continue on to the finals. The results of the poll will be revealed when it’s time to choose the winnerof Best Visual Effects Scene in a few weeks.

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