Peter Dinklage stands by Game of Thrones finale

Young Dragon,

1. True, I agree. That’s why I think Martin does this playing with the WW (I don’t know a better word for it) and keep them in the dark for multiple reasons. The first is, it keeps it horrific, we see what they bring but not themselves, the things we read about hardhome is just horrific even when we don’t see them. The second thing is that I think he does this also to not overdone the WWs, because I think in dreams we get much more skirmish battles with the WW, that’s what I mean with the LN, it was a big battle but it was just one, it was a beautiful episode I agree, but I think Martin (especially when Martin writes a book not a tv show) will do the ww action south of the wall. I expect to see the wall action, at least one castle before WF, WF itself but it’s lost. The journey south that is shortbraked by I think Greywater Watch, we will see the reeds and the background of the tower of Joy there. And then it returns with Daenerys coming to the help around the neck/trident. Or my other theory (yes theory I don’t know if it’s going to happen) is that the WW is not the real treat, we know now at the end of Dance that many more horrific creatures are going to make a play into winds, including Krakens. What if the books will go another route that the real evil is the one that controls all those creatures. The great Other? I still think it’s the weirwood trees, which I think for a book is interesting as a storyline, but for a tv show it’s better to stick with the WWs.

2. Same here I don’t read them. I loved Nolan’s batman trilogy (all 3 my favorite is in fact the last I love the emotion there and I like slow paced storytelling). Same with Logan brilliant movie, I loved the character moments together. Well with X-men it was, Jane was the fan favorite of the whole saga (together with Wolverine). Jane would even be responsible for the death of every living being on earth, Logan killed her with his claws through her heart and end her live. About stories, google it and you get a lot, even look at petra’s video that she posted on this site at the end of season 8 (or 8×05?). But Macbeth is one, Michael Corleone godfather, Harvey Dent dark knight, Ed Norton fightclub, Lex Luther in the superman universe, superman himself in the latest movies, Annakin in SW universe. Many more. The hero becomes the villain is one of the most favorite storytelling there is. Daenerys is not the first and not the last. And if it comes to daring, Supernatural is even more daring now than GoT was, it upset 1/3 of the fans not because about a fan-favorite, but because of they felt their faith was attacked, who they are as a person.

They made God himself the biggest villain of the story

2b. No it doesn’t fall in the same category, you named events where the villain overcome the hero, the heroes got killed and the villains are superior, it’s in its core unjustice (except Joffrey but it came with a price that Tyrion was imprisoned, and it was not really a surprise because after the leeches we knew Robb, Balon and Joffrey would die), with the death of Dany it’s the opposite, justice is done. And also all those events happen because the hero “fucked up” themselves. Ned was too honorable, Oberyn was to much busy with pride, Robb fucked up because he went against his oath. Dany didn’t fucked up in the sense they fucked up.

3. Yes but the WW storyline didn’t have the right build up. Yes we had 7 seasons of minor build up and establish who the WW were. Then the wall came down, which told the fans: Shit has hit the fan now. It upped the game, telling us that what we saw in season 1 till 7 will be even bigger in season 8, they went with bigger with battle, but that’s not what the WW story made so great, it was the horror, and they did not come through with that. In season 8 the WW story didn’t really upgraded, we got just one battle. It’s a bit like promising a big cake to your fans but give just a small bite. (I don’t know the better wording for what I’m looking for). If they didn’t want more to tell about the WW itself and only a battle, they should have made the breach of the wall as the cliffhanger of the season. And they should have made the whole show 7 seasons build up to: When the wall comes down, we’re fucked.

4. As with my work: The fault is never the guest. Same with here, the fault is not the viewer. It’s the job of the writer to put everything in place and feel right. And if season 8 want to make a big plotchange about Missandei’s death how it affected Dany, there should be at least 1 scene prior to that that shows us the bond between them in the same season. It’s just a common writing rule. I mean we got Grey Worm and Missandei together a lot in season 8, why? Because than we knew Grey worm cared for Missandei.

3c. Season 8 of GoT was the opposite it was rushed and slow paced. That it was slow paced is easily see in what slow paced and fast paced mean. Fast paced mean, many scenes after each other, in which every scene is short of time. Maybe 2 or 3 minute per scene like the dark knight, it moves from one scene to the next. GoT season 8 was slow paced. It had scenes of 10 minutes. That’s the opposite of fast paced. The battle of WF shows us the season was slow paced. We got a 80 minute battle. If season 8 was fast paced the battle would have taken 10/20 max with many many scenes.

4. I know the death hit her hard. I can deduct that. But it was missing a crucial scene in the last season. I’m not reaching, I watched a lot of tv shows and movies, and I know some basic rules here. Even D&D admitted that rule. Remember season2 and 3 etc where they said episode 1 could feel like that we already know what is happening but that they need to establish every situation again for the season to come.

5. I agree with your interpretation. But the writers of a show should make a big plotpoint like Dany’s turn not open to interpretation. Look at it if they did that with the red wedding and we still debating with: What was the real reason why Walder killed the Starks there? They made it pretty clear in the show itself, same with Ned’s beheading. It was not, fans can interpretate these events how they like it, no there was a clear answer. So yes I agree with your interpretation, that’s the same as me, but as you see online, many have different views on her change, even D&D have a different view than us.

6. Breaking bad never build up to Walt becoming a Kingpin, that’s not what that show was about. It was about Walters ego, and the battle of that against his family. It was that he didn’t want others to make his product, not to be the kingpin.

6b. The tactic was used in real life of BotB so this point is invalid of yours. There was a tactic. The LN didn’t.

7. It was unnecessary, it could be done shorter and more to the point. Sansa and Arya knew who LF was, made plan together and overthrow him. Could be done in just 2 episodes.

8. For me it’s the character moments the most.

8b. I know a lot of people who watch GoT which I talk with, so I at least know why they watch it. And I look at why people watch it on this site, 90% is because of the characters.

ps I like discussing with you.


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