House of the Dragon Tentatively Set for 2022; Confederate Officially Dead!

Dame of Mercia,

”In my mind I like to think Drogon flew away and in one of the less well known parts of Planetos found himself a female dragon. (I know, I’m being an old softie there).“

Welcome, fellow softie.

Allow me to extend an invitation down a tinfoil rabbit hole or two…

• In my mind, Drogon was already carrying a clutch of eggs when she flew away with Dany’ to her nesting grounds in Old Valyria, where Dany would be revivified – perhaps concurrently with the birth of Drogon’s hatchlings.

– I thought dragons are gender-fluid. Was there anything that established that Drogon was a “he”?

I assume real-world avian physiology and behavior were used as a model for fictional dragons.

– In captivity at least, even if a pair of pet birds are of the same sex, their behavior will often differentiate so that one bird displays “male” characteristics and the other exhibits “female” characteristics.

– Also, upon reaching maturity, a single female caged bird will begin laying eggs even though they’re unfertilized and won’t hatch. What’s more, the hen will exhibit nesting behaviors – like flying off to explore secluded places to construct a nest. (A wooden box inside a cage serves the same purpose for pet birds whose freedom or mobility is limited.) During that nesting phase, a bird ordinarily bonded to and always wanting to be with her human companion, will suddenly want to be on her own and “disappear” into a secluded nook or cavity.

(Digression: I had a lovebird 🦜who found a way inside a ceiling fixture, and as I later discovered, built a nest in it. That solved the mystery of Q-Tips on my countertop with the cotton stripped off: she was using the cotton to line her nest.)

– I had previously thought that when Drogon went missing in S5 and then some time later as Jorah and Tyrion were sailing past Old Valyria they saw Drogon flying overhead, that Drogon hadn’t “abandoned’ Dany. She was simply off scouting out isolated nesting locations, and possibly incubating eggs where she wouldn’t be disturbed.

(I’m unsure about GRRM’s dragon biology, e.g., whether they can produce viable eggs asexually.)

– Anyway, that was my headcanon explanation for Drogon’s brief sojourn from her mother in Mereen.

– Also, from Drogon’s curious physical appearance in S7e4 (i.e., distended belly), it looked like Drogon was carrying a full clutch of eggs. Didn’t Drogon look pregnant?

• Dany, the “Mother of Dragons,” was somehow able to summon “dragons from stone” – living baby dragons from centuries-old ossified eggs.

– Why shouldn’t that process also work the other way, such that her now-fully grown dragon could “incubate” Dany’s stone-cold body and revivify it? Why else would Drogon gently pick up Dany’s body and rush off in the direction of Old Valyria?

– Alternatively, if Drogon was capable of producing viable eggs, why shouldn’t the same “magic” that enabled Dany to give life to Drogon and her two other “children” also restore life to Dany along with Drogon’s other hatchlings?

• Drogon’s behavior at the end sure looked (to me) like classic avian nesting behavior: safeguarding and transporting a lifeless biological entity in nascent form to a safe place in order to (re-)generate into a living organism. If the “rules” of magic in GRRM’s universe operated to infuse the spark of life into fossilized dragon eggs, why wouldn’t the same principle apply to the body of an otherwise healthy young woman with “the blood of the dragon”?

– After all, by all outward appearances the three ancient dragon eggs in S1 were merely exotic-looking, glorified paperweights that made a cool wedding gift. Everyone was stunned when they were placed in a funeral pyre – and instead of being incinerated in the flames. living baby dragons emerged from the embers the next morning. Revivifying an already-living but recently-expired human wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

• Plus, though they were rare, it’s not as if resurrections were unheard of. Disciples of the Lord of Light showed they had that ability, subject to the Lord of Light’s approval.

– One of the “loose ends” (or seemingly elided story lines) on the show involved the Lord of Light’s High Priestess Kinvara, who had traveled to Mereen from the Red Temple in Volantis and pledged to serve the Dragon Queen.

(Kinvara has also predicted that Dany’s dragons would “burn non-believers by the thousands.” She got that right! 🔥)

– At the end of S8e6, didn’t someone say Drogon last seen headed to Volantis? If so (and if, as Tyrion said, dragons are intelligent), Drogon making a beeline to Volantis before Dany’s body was cold would make perfect sense if his or her instinctive objective was to seek the resurrection of “The Chosen One,” as Dany had been designated by the Lord of Light’s High Priestess in Volantis, as well as the street priestess on the Bridge of Volantis played by Rila Fukushima (a terrific actress egregiously underused for only one scene in one episode.)

– Drogon flying off with Dany’s body and Bran saying he’d “try to” look for him, struck me as conspicuously open-ended. (BTW, I thought Bran could see all over the world all the time?)

– I don’t know if this was deliberate or not. I suppose Drogon could’ve tried to cremate Dany or bury her.

– I had also expected that Drogon might perish at the end, either voluntarily or because as many fans (logically) speculated, the role of magic in the world would diminish or start to disappear upon the extinction of the CotF, WWs, et al., the breaking of the spell shielding the Wall, etc.

– I just found it awfully strange that Drogon would fly off with Dany’s body – with no indication of the reason or objective. Was this just a quick and underdeveloped plot point, or left intentionally open-ended? If the latter, then I’ll consider it justification for tinfoil speculation by the fandom.


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