Gemma Whelan disappointed at fan reaction to “brilliant” GoT Season 8 ending


Suit yourself. Here are the errors listed by the YouTube video “Every Error in Game of Thrones Season 8” and also my responses to them. Enjoy:

1. Error: Why didn’t Danerys react when hearing about Viserion’s resurrection?

Response: Danerys did look concerned after hearing about Viserion, but since she was the leader, she had to keep calm and set an example for her people. If she and Jon began freaking out, everyone would have started panicking.

2. Error: During the reunions, why didn’t characters ask each other what they had been up to?

Response: If every character recapped their story, it would have filled out the rest of the season. Besides, it would have been a terrible viewing experience. We already have the “previously on” segments to deal with this.

3. Error: Why do people simply accept that Bran is no longer Bran?

Response: People do not simply accept that Bran is no longer Bran. They all give him a strange look because they don’t understand what that means. It’s a perfectly acceptable reaction.

4. Error: Why didn’t Arya ask Jon how he was resurrected?

Response: Arya was too busy being excited at having her brother back to ask about his “death.” Those questions can wait. Besides, she probably already heard the story from Sansa.

5. Error: Why does Arya call Sansa “the smartest person she’s ever met?”

Response: Arya came to appreciate Sansa last season and came to realize how effective she was at being lady of Winterfell. Also, it’s just an expression. I’ve called people “the nicest person I’ve ever met,” but that isn’t necessarily the case. This is just my way of saying they are a very nice person, just like Arya is only saying Sansa is very smart.

6. Error: How did Euron and the Mountain know that Cersei is saying ok to Euron’s request for sex by just a look?

Response: First Cersei says no to sex, then Euron pleads his case, then Cersei starts walking away only to turn around and give him a pained look. How else was Euron supposed to interpret it? Also, the Mountain has a sixth sense of what Cersei wants. We saw this last season. It’s part of Qyburn’s programming.

7. Error: How did Theon rescue Yara so easily?

Response: Theon was on a stealth mission to save his sister and succeeded. How is this an error?

8. Error: Why did Danerys exonerate Jaime so easily?

Response: Both Brienne and Sansa vouched for Jaime. Besides, Danerys was already willing to accept the Lannisters help last season, so it shouldn’t have taken much to sway her.

9. Error: Why didn’t Danerys mention Jaime charging at her during the Loot Train Battle?

Response: Why would she mention Jaime charging at her? They were at war. Everyone in the room knew it.

10. Error: Why didn’t the other northern lords speak out when Jaime was let off the hook after they wanted his head back in season 2?

Response: Only Lord Karstark wanted Jaime’s head, and the Karstarks weren’t on the best standing at the moment. Even if they did speak out, no one would have listened to them.

11. Error: Why wasn’t Lord Commander Edd present at the war council meeting?

Response: Lord Commander Edd’s presence wasn’t really necessary. Neither were many of the people who did show up.

12. Error: Why didn’t Missandei mention to Grey Worm the butterflies in Naath that carried a disease fatal to non-natives?

Response: When was it mentioned that there were butterflies in Naath that carried a disease fatal to non-natives?

13. Error: Why didn’t Davos take issue with Tyrion bringing up the Battle of the Blackwater where he lost his son?

Response: Tyrion and Davos had already buried the hatchet in season 7. Besides, Davos is perfectly aware that the two sides were at war and Tyrion was fighting for his survival. It wasn’t personal.

14. Error: The strategy implemented in The Long Night didn’t make sense.

Response: Yes, the strategy implemented in The Long Night wasn’t great, but battle tactics are very rarely portrayed properly in television shows/movies, including the previous seasons of GOT. I don’t know why some people are only just criticizing it now.

15. Error: Where has Melisandre been all this time?

Response: Melisandre has been deciphering the prophecy, which is why she now knows it’s Arya.

16. Error: Why didn’t the Dothraki react violently to Melisandre lighting up their weapons when they hate magic?

Response: The Dothraki only hate blood magic, not fire magic. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be following fire proof Danerys who has three magical dragons.

17. Error: What happened to the 100,000 Dothraki Danerys had in season 6?

Response: Not all of the Dothraki came with them, only the warriors. Also, they lost Dothraki in the Battle of the Loot Train.

18. Error: They should have used one dragon from the beginning.

Response: They had a plan concerning the dragons. It was laid out in episode 2.

19. Error: Why did they send the Dotrhaki first against the dead?

Response: The Dothraki charged the dead for the same reason they charged the Lannister army in season 7. That’s what they do best.

20. Error: Why are there no animals in the army of the dead?

Response: The no animals in the army of the dead is a nit pick, not an error. Besides, other than horses and Viserion, animals were never in the army of the dead.

21. Error: Why didn’t Jon and Danerys fall off their dragons when they collided into each other?

Response: Jon and Danerys didn’t fall off their dragons because they held on for dear life.

22. Error: Why didn’t Jon and Rhaegal light the trench?

Response: Jon and Rhaegal were lying in wait for the Night King.

23. Error: What were the wights doing in the library?

Response: The wights were looking for stragglers.

23. Error: How did Arya get out from under the table so quickly?

Response: Arya used her ninja skills to quickly get out from under the table.

24. Error: Why didn’t Danerys give Jon a lift to Bran?

Response: Fair enough about Danerys not giving Jon a lift.

25. Error: How did Jorah teleport to Dany’s side?

Response: Jorah didn’t teleport to Dany’s side, he simply came to her aid.

26. Error: How could the wights punch through the tombs made of stone but not a wooden box last season?

27. Response: Fair enough about wight’s breaking through stone and not brick.

28. Error: How did the characters survive impossible odds?

Response: The characters didn’t survive impossible odds, only perilous situations.

29. Error: Why did Jon leave Sam behind to die?

Response: Jon leaves Sam because he has to get to the Night King to end this.

30. Error: Why did Theon charge at the Night King rather than wait and buy some time?

Response: Buy more time for what? Theon didn’t know about Arya. He was trying to gain forward momentum.

31. Error: How could a broken wooden spear pierce through armor?

Response: A broken wooden spear that’s being wielded by a extraordinarily strong, super natural being.

32. Error: Why did Jon shout at Viserion?

Response: Jon was frustrated and was shouting a suicidal scream.

33. Error: Whyd didn’t they make it more clear if he was distracting Viserion so Arya could enter the godswood?

Response: The reason it wasn’t made clear was because it didn’t happen.

34. Error: Why did it take so long for Viserion to roast Jon?

Response: It’s called “building tension.”

35. Error: How did Arya sneak into the godswood unseen when she had trouble sneaking past the wights in the library?

Response: Arya did not struggle to sneak past wights in the library. She did it quite successfully.

36. Error: Why did Arya scream alerting the Night King to her presence?

Response: It was an involuntary scream

37. Error: Why didn’t the Night King kill Arya right away or disarm her?

Response: Arya acted too quickly for the Night King to do either of those things.

38. Error: Why wasn’t Arya given the same mark as Bran when the Night King grabbed her?

Response: The Night King purposefully put the mark on Bran. Why would he do the same to Arya?

39. Error: The Night King was defeated without us learning his motives.

Response: The Night King’s motives were to kill humanity and all its memory. That was already established.

40. Error: The White Walkers didn’t matter much in the end.

Response: The White Walkers were a driving force for much of the plot.

41. Error: By legitimizing Gendry, Danerys made him heir to the Iron Throne.

Response: No, the Baratheons weren’t the ruling monarchs anymore. The Lannisters were. They were replaced much like the Targaryens before them.

42. Error: Why was Brienne upset when Tyrion asked her about her virginity? Unmarried highborn ladies are supposed to be virgins.

Response: The reason Brienne is a virgin is because she is unmarried. The reason she is unmarried is because the other lords believe her to be ugly. That has always been a sore point for her and that is why she was so upset.

43. Error: Why was Tormund impressed with Jon riding a dragon when he rode a dragon last season

Response: Tormund had no choice to ride Drogon as it was either that or die. Jon made the conscious decision to ride a dragon into battle, which he views as very impressive.

44. Error: Why did Danerys say she has never begged for anything when she begged for her dragon’s safe return in season 2?

Response: Danerys wouldn’t be the first person to say that she hasn’t begged for anything when she has. She doesn’t consider herself to be a beggar, so this dialogue isn’t at all odd.

45. Error: How did they only lose half their army?

Response: Considering how big the army was, losing half is quite a lot.

46. Error: Benioff said that it was the end of the Dothraki.

Response: What the showrunners say doesn’t matter. All that matters is what they put on the screen.

47. Error: Why didn’t Arya offer to assassinate Cersei?

Response: That was her plan, and she didn’t want Jon to try and stop her.

48. Error: Why didn’t Tyrion or Davos suggest using secret tunnels to assassinate Cersei in the Red Keep?

Response: Assassinating Cersei is seen as dishonorable, and Tyrion was tryig to spare Cersei and her unborn child.

49. Error: Why were Sansa and Arya still against Danerys after she saved them from the White Walkers?

Response: The fight against the dead was Dany’s fight too. They shouldn’t have had to give up northern independence to gain her help.

50. Error: Jon betrayed Ned’s memory for spilling the beans on his parentage, a secret that Ned took to his grave

Response: Jon did not betray Ned’s memory by telling his family the truth. The only reason Ned kept it a secret was to keep Jon safe from Robert, and that was no longer an issue.

51. Error: Why was Rhaegal injured but not Drogon?

Response: Drogon shook the wights off before they could do extensive damage.

52. Error: Why didn’t Jon say goodbye to Ghost?

Response: Jon was going through an identity crisis, which is why he didn’t pet Ghost. He didn’t feel like a Stark anymore.

53. Error: Why were Tyrion and Jaime allowed to go to a northern inn without being accompanied by guards?

Response: Why would the Lannisters be guarded? They were both Stark allies, and one was even Hand of the Queen.

54. Error: How was Bronn able to load the crossbow so quickly?

Response: Joffrey explained that his crossbow was much easier to load.

55. Error: Why did Bronn accept the deal with Tyrion without any gurantee?

Response: The guarantee is that a Lannister always pays his debts.

56. Error: Why didn’t Danerys scout enemy territory?

Response: Danerys was scouting on top of Drogon and Rhaegal.

57. Error: How did Danerys not see the ships?

Response: The ships were hidden behind rocks.

58. Error: Benioff said that Danerys forgot about the Irion Fleet.

Response: What the showrunners say doesn’t matter. All that matters is what they put on the screen.

59. Error: How could Drogon dodge the bolts when Rhaegal couldn’t?

Response: Drogon knew the bolts were coming. Rhaegal did not. Besides, Rhaegal’s injury affected his reaction time.

60. Error: Why didn’t Danerys attack the ships from behind?

Response: The scorpions were on a swivel and could turn around.

61. Error: Why didn’t Euron pursue the men who washed up on the beach?

Response: Euron didn’t have the men for that and Drogon was still in play.

62. Error: Why would Varys discuss treason in an open hall?

Response: There was no one else in that hall.

63. Error: Why would Varys turn on Danerys?

Response: Varys is always looking for the best ruler. Jon was the better choice for the reasons Varys gave.

64. Error: Jaime had told Bran that he had changed, but he decided to go back to Cersei, showing he hasn’t changed at all.

Response: Jaime has changed. He’s no longer the type of man who throws children out of windows. His love for Cersei may not have changed, but that was never the problem. It was the things he did in the name of that love, but he doesn’t do those things anymore.

65. Error: How did Dany’s army arrive faster than Arya and the Hound?

Response: They were on ships, which is a faster way of travel.

66. Error: Why didn’t Cersei attack them?

Response: It was a parlay, where there are rules.

67. Error: Why didn’t Cersei give the order to kill Tyrion?

Response: Again, it was a parlay. Cersei wanted to portray herself as a good ruler, so her hands were tied.

68. Error: Euron didn’t seem surprised that Tyrion knew about “his” baby even though there was no way he could have known that.

Response: Varys could have told him. Also, Euron isn’t the brightest bulb.

69. Error: Why didn’t Missandei attempt to kill Cersei?

Response: Missandei has never killed anyone before and that would have gone against her character.

70. Error: What happened to the letters Varys wrote?

Response: The letters never got out.

71. Error: Why did Varys try to openly commit treason with Jon?

Response: He wanted to get Jon on board his plan to make it much smoother.

72. Error: Why did Tyrion betray Varys?

Response: Tyrion was being loyal to his queen after seeing that Varys was really going through with it.

73. Error: Why did Tyrion stop Varys from committing treason, then commit treason himself by freeing Jaime?

Response: That’s entirely different. Freeing Jaime and having him get Cersei to surrender would have benefitted Danerys greatly.

74. Error: Why did Jaime say he didn’t care about the people of King’s Landing?

Response: Jaime was in a very dark place then and was acting the man he thought he was rather than the man that he is. It was very similar to the role he was playing in his conversation with Edmure back in season 6.

75. Error: In season 2, Davos said the bells didn’t mean surrender.

Response; Fair enough about the bells.

76. Error: Why didn’t Jon comfort Danerys about Rhaegal?

Response: Jon comforted Danerys about Missandei instead.

77. Error: Euron’s crew are mutes, but we hear some men shouting in his fleet.

Response: Euron’s crew are mutes, but the commanding officers on the other boats are not. After all, how would they be able to give orders?

78. Error: How was Drogon able to dodge all the bolts but not Rhaegal?

Response: Rhaegal didn’t know the attack was coming, Drogon does. Besides, Rhaegal’s injury affected his reaction time.

79. Error: How were battle weary northern, Dothraki, and Unsullied show no signs of fatigue?

Response: They had a month of rest.

80. Error: It was out of charcter for Danerys to burn down King’s Landing.

Response: Danerys proclaimed the citizens of King’s Landing “not innocent” and wanted to “rule them with fear.” It was completely in character.

81. Error: In season 7, Danerys said she didn’t want to be the Queen of the Ashes.

Response: You can’t use a clip from an earlier season to try and point out mischaracterizations in the current season while leaving out everything that happened in between.

82. Error: How did Jaime teleport to the beach?

Response: Jaime didn’t teleport. He walked.

83. Error: How did the boat get there?

Response: Davos delivered the boat. That was the favor Tyrion asked of him.

84. Error: Dany’s rampage on King’s Landing gave Cersei time to escape. It was only luck that Dany got her.

Response: Yes, it was lucky that Danerys got Cersei. But luck isn’t an error.

85. Error: How did Arya get Strickland’s horse after we saw it get blasted with dragon fire?

Response: That wasn’t the same horse. It was symbolic.

86. Error: Why did Cersei and Jaime embrace after what they did to each other?

Response: None of that matters when the world is literally falling on top of them.

87. Error: What sorcery made the Mountain indestructible?

Response: No, the sorcery wasn’t specified, but so what? It rarely is in fantasy.

88. Error: Euron’s line about killing Jaime Lannister proves to be false.

Response: Yes, Euron’s line turns out to be false, but why does that matter?

89. Error: Arya rides off, seeming to have completed her arc, but Ilyn Payne might still be alive.

Response: Ilyn Payne is no longer on the show and has been off her list for a while.

90. Error: Danerys taking King’s Landing with a dragon makes her season 7 arc pointless.

Response: The reason she didn’t use her dragons from the beginning was because then she still cared about the people’s opinion of her and didn’t want to look like a conqueror. Besides, she would have had to ride Drogon and attack King’s Landing alone. All it would have taken was one lucky shot by a Lannister archer and the war would have been over.

91. Error: Grey Worm teleported to Dany’s side.

Response: Fair enough about Grey Worm.

92. Error: Why does Dany suddenly want to conquer the world?

Response: She’s embraced herself as a conqueror and liberator, rather than a ruler, just like Daario has said. Her priorities have changed.

93. Error: Why didn’t Danerys execute Tyrion for treason?

Response: Tyrion’s execution was coming, as was addressed in the show.

94. Error: How did Arya know Cersei was dead without confirmation?

Response: Arya didn’t know about Tyrion’s escape plan. She just knows that the Red Keep was demolished and most of the city was destroyed.

95. Error: Arya being present in King’s Landing didn’t serve the story at all.

Response: Arya’s presence in King’s Landing was about her character, not the story.

96. Error: Why was Jon allowed to meet with Tyrion alone?

Response: Jon is Warden of the North and outranks all the Unsullied.

97. Error: Why was Jon allowed to be with Danerys in the throne room alone?

Response: Jon has been alone with Danerys plenty of times before.

98. Error: Why did Drogon melt the Iron Throne and not kill Jon?

Response: Dragons are smart, maybe even smarter than humans. That was established in season 6. He knew it was her obsession that killed her. Besides, Jon is the last Targaryen.

99. Error: Why didn’t Grey Worm kill Jon?

Response: This is addressed as well. If Grey Worm had executed Jon, the North would have declared war. Grey Worm didn’t want to sacrifice anymore of his Unsullied so he kept Jon prisoner until they could reach an agreement.

100. Error: Why didn’t the Dothraki stick around and avenge their queen?

Response: The Dothraki only follow strength. How many of them stayed behind when Khale Drogo died?

100. Error: We could see an outline of Grey Worm’s penis through his pants.

Response: It’s been confirmed that Grey Worm only lost his balls.

101. Error: Why was Tyrion able to decide the process in choosing he next king?

Response: Tyrion was making a suggestion, which the other lords agreed to.

102. Error: Why was Yara laughing at the idea of a democracy when the ironborn have the Kingsmoot?

Response: The Kingsmoot is where the lords of the ironborn vote, not the common people

103. Error: Why didn’t Yara and the Dornish prince ask for independence as well?

Response; Yara gave up ironborn independence when she declared she would take back the Iron Islands in Queen Dany’s name. Dorne has never once expressed their desire for independence.

104. Error: Why didn’t anyone suggest Gendry as king?

Response: The Baratheons no longer have a claim to the throne.

105. Error: Why did the Stormlords accept a bastard as their liege lord?

Response: He’s the last Baratheon, so they have no choice but to accept him. This error and the previous error completely contradict each other. If you’re wondering why the Stormland lords would accept a bastard as their liege lord, why would you wonder why the lords of Westeros wouldn’t suggest Gendry as king?

106. Error: Why didn’t Sam suggest Jon as king?

Response: Jon killed Danerys. Grey Worm would never allow him to be king, so why bring it up at all?

107. Error: Jon being in the North could lead to civil war between him and Sansa

Response: No, Jon and Sansa will not go to civil war.

108. Response: The rest of the criticisms about the dragon pit are minor nit picks.

109. Error: What is the point of the Night’s Watch now?

Response: Tyrion explains the Night’s Watch new purpose.

110. Error: How could the Six Kingdoms send prisoners to the Night’s Watch when they are located in the North?

Response: Sending prisoners to the Night’s Watch isn’t going to be a problem. Just because the North is independent doesn’t mean they aren’t friends. Besides, the Night’s Watch is an independent organization and isn’t beholden to one nation.

111. Error: How will Grey Worm know the kingdoms will uphold Jon’s banishment after he leaves.

Response: This is similar to a plot point from season one. Ned and Cerse came to an agreement that he would proclaim Joffrey as the legitimate king and he would be allowed to take the black. Ned could have gone against his word and simply joined the Northern army as its head and continued the war, but Cersei knew his honor wouldn’t allow it. It’s the same here. Jon is an honorable man and will accept his punishment. Grey Worm knows this.

112. Error: How was Tyrion not mentioned in the maester’s book?

Response: Tyrion has always been overlooked

113. Error: Why did Tyrion uphold Bronn’s deal?

Response: Tyrion upholds Bronn’s deal because a Lannister always pays their debts.

114. Error: Why is Bronn master of coin if he doesn’t know how loans work?

Response: Tyrion was also inexperienced in handling money when he was appointed master of coin. Also, Littlefinger didn’t quite know how loans worked as he borrowed a shit ton of money without paying it back.

115. Error: How is Sam Grandmaester when he is sworn to the Night’s Watch?

Response: The Night’s Watch has a new purpose and Sam is no longer bound to them.

116. Error: Brienne swore her life to Sansa:

Response: Sansa doesn’t need Brienne anymore and released her of her vow. Brienne can now honor Jaime’s memory.

117. Error: Why does the council need a master of whisperers and why can’t Bran find Drogon?

Response: He said he’ll find Drogon himself after the council failed. Master of whisperers would simply fill out the small council.

118. Error: Why is Tormund still at Castle Black and not North of the Wall?

Response: Tormund said they’ll wait for the winter stroms to pass at Castle Black before heading North.

See? This video is very unimpressive. People who use these types of videos to try and bolster their argument actually end up damaging them.