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“Audi Presents: Behind the Scenes with Maisie Williams” (Recording the Audi commercial music and singing at Abbey Road Studio)


Responses to Replies to my 2/4/20, 8:44 am comment with above link to “Audi Presents: Behind the Scenes with Maisie Williams,” and my Additional Observations


Tron79 replied, on 2/4/20 at 8:50 am: “Frickn Abbey Road studio! That video was better than the commercial!!!

Our girl is all grown up.”

• From her comments in the first segment of the video (at 0:06 – 0:18) it sure looked like Maisie Williams was overwhelmed that there she was, at frickn Abbey Road Studios [or as Sandor would call it, “Abbey F*cking Road Studios”].

• I was surprised and impressed that Audi and its ad firm went all out with a full, live orchestra!

If I hadn’t seen this video, I would have assumed they just spliced Maisie’s vocals into a canned background track of electronically reproduced sounds. (After all, these days so many “songs” by pop stars consist of their autotuned voices + synthesized sounds.)

I’m sure most viewers watching the Super Bowl commercial weren’t listening closely enough to discern the difference. Someone like me who’s both musically inept and aurally challenged would never appreciate the effort that went into the production of the music and vocals.

• No doubt about it: “That video was better than the commercial!!!”

I really enjoyed watching and rewatching it. I admit I am not an unbiased, objective observer. Still, can anyone really deny that Maisie Williams just exudes charisma and personality?

• And yes: “Our girl is all grown up.” She’s so composed and well-spoken. In addition, although she’s 5’ 1” or so, and fans got used to seeing her as the “aged-down” little sister on GoT, she sure looks like a self-assured, confident and physically fit young woman (e.g. at 0:19 – 0:25) who does not appear to be “short” or diminutive in stature. Maybe it’s the dancer’s training…

• Her mom must be so proud of her!


MotherofWolves replied, on 2/4/20 at 12:37 pm: ”I loved Maisie’s commercial. We’ve been looking for an electric car and as previous Audi owners, it’s made us want to have a look. We didn’t know until this ad that Audi had one.

Maisie is a very talented young lady who is going to do well for herself.

• As I wrote earlier, I am not in the market for a new car and still I felt compelled to visit my local Audi dealer.

• Like you, I would not have known Audi had an electric car if I had not seen this ad. Maisie Williams’s comment in the “Behind the Scenes” video about her support for environmentally conscious causes (and companies) is an additional selling point. Good for her, and good for Audi! (Hopefully, once the retail price for the electric car comes down a bit, the marketing campaign will bear more fruit.)

• Yes! She sure is “a very talented young lady.” I think she’s done well for herself thus far, and will continue to do so.

• While I certainly understood her desire to take some time off to relax after roughly ten years of filming GoT, and to avoid jumping right into new projects that would tie down an actor with long-term, fixed shooting schedules, for selfish reasons I am glad that (it looks like) she hasn’t disappeared indefinitely.

As Tron79 and I have previously commented, nobody could really blame her if she had decided to devote all of her time and energies to entrepreneurship (e.g., the “daisie” company she co-founded to enable talented people to collaborate with each other using an “app”) and the charitable causes she champions (e.g., dolphin rescue, neglected children, displaced refugees, etc. ). If she did take a )well-deserved) post-GoT sabbatical, perhaps she is now re-energized and ready to take on new, challenging roles.

• If her comments in the Audi “Behind the Scenes” video are any indication, might we see her in a song-and-dance musical at some point?

At 0:08 – 0:21, she says: “I had no idea the Abbey Road Studios section of my career was going to come so quickly. But now that we’re here, I just feel like I’m never going to go back.”

• We often read about up and coming young actresses and actors “enjoying” the Hollywood party scene before quickly crashing and burning. It looks like Maisie Williams is down to earth and socially conscious, and isn’t the type to exploit her fame and fortune in an apparently single-minded pursuit of a dissolute lifestyle.

• To my knowledge, her next “big” project is “New Mutants,” due in theaters on April 3, 2020. However, as we know, that movie was filmed two or three years ago, and its release was delayed several times.

It would be nice if she starts landing some more “adult” roles instead of parts in teen romcoms and superhero movies.

• I may be projecting when I agree “she is going to do well for herself” based on the assessment of Audi and its marketing company that her talent and current popularity warranted choosing her for a Super Bowl commercial.

• Arya Stark was an iconic character on GoT; the showrunners and GRRM have often said how fortunate they were to find a naturally gifted child actress like Maisie Williams; and her performance endeared her to many fans (like me).

While there’s never a guarantee that a child prodigy will find success as an adult, I am confident she’s capable of making the transition.* I also sense that she is discerning enough to resist being “pigeonholed” into stock roles, like androgynous kickass tomboy, quirky pixie dream girl, or supportive “best friend” to a lead actress or lead actor. Any decent casting director should be able to appreciate her diverse talents.

* During her four-episode guest-starring arc on Dr. Who a few years ago, I thought she convincingly portrayed her character in various phases of maturity: from

the innocent young villager in “The Girl Who Died,” to the embittered world-weary woman in “The Woman Who Lived,” to the age-wisened woman millennia later in “Hell Bent.”


• Additional, Miscellaneous Observations:

– At 1:10 of the video, I thought her gen:Lock Cammie McCloud/New Mutants Wolfsbane Scottish accent creeped in for a moment.

(“lettin’ goo of the past.”

– At 1:33 – 1:43: “Do it again!” (“That was me being a diva.”)

And then with feigned self-importance: “Run the track!”

How witty! How adorable!

– At 2:01 – 2:05 [end]. I’m not sure if she was “caught” in the act rehearsing a line from the song to herself in a cute little voice. Whatever she was doing, it was charming. That’s probably why the director and editor chose to use that four-second snippet as the coda to their video.