Sophie Turner, Game of Thrones’ Sansa Stark, Has a New Stark on the Way!


Good news is hard to come by these days, isn’t it? The world is on fire (literally), the people are divided, and House of the Dragon is potentially 2 full years away. Egad. So when some good news comes along, we have to celebrate it like the miracle that it truly is. And that good news comes from one of our favorite actors. Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), the Queen in the North, and ruler of 1 kingdom, is expecting a child, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Just Jared broke the news story, and while it’s by no means my business to be personally invasive, I can at least celebrate knowing that Sophie and her husband (singer and actor Joe Jonas) are happy: “The couple is keeping things very hush hush but their friends and family are super excited for them,” reports a close source.

Now, we are not a gossip site, nor are we a tabloid site, and I will not sit here and speculate on anything further, other than to jump in and say we at Watchers on the Wall are thrilled for them, and wish our queen nothing but the best. Up next, Sophie has a project on the new pseudo streaming service Quibi. I’ll be watching in April. Will you?